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We are always by your side, We can provide you the best experience in sales, services and support whether you are a first-time buyer for PowerLink units or a return client for replacement units, engine, parts or biogas genset, our expertise in the industry will offer you the best support.


There are many choices in planning, including standardised package, customised package. This will prevent unforeseen failures and ensure that your generator set can complete the task when you need power.

  • More than 200 service points when you need us the most
  • More than 98 countries 24 / 7 response service
  • You can also count on our national quality support and expert assurance.
  • We are on call for emergency maintenance
  • the available maintenance plan can be started monthly, quarterly, or annually

One-Stop Solution

The service system supported by maintenance plan (S-BOM), operation manual, spare parts manual, maintenance manual and life cycle management system is equipped with specialists to accept customer repair and maintenance and spare parts sales. The after-sales service team is composed of professional engineers and technicians. Relying on advanced communication technology, we can assist customers to deal with anomalies remotely or online quickly. Special circumstances can also provide door-to-door service, rapid response, to ensure that every customer at ease to use, so that you worry free after-sales.

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Service solution

  • According to the customer’s feedback on the site photos, videos and other information, our engineers analyse, judge and guide the customer to remove the fault.
  • Rely on local dealers around the world to provide accessories and replacement parts support, send engineers nearby and provide on-site service.
  • Because of international business, we can quickly provide accessories support, local dealers and on-site technical services for customers.
  • Offer on-site service and provide solutions and troubleshooting for customers.

Services Availability

  •  Installation engineering design, construction and technical guidance services of equipment;
  • commissioning;
  • Maintenance;
  • Repair;
  • Power station trusteeship;
  • Free accessories support and technical guidance during the warranty period;
  • Original accessories supply;
  • Product and service training;
  • Remote technical support.
PowerLink maintenance plan

The importance of maintenance plan

To make sure the best operation of every gas products, it is required to do maintenance plan for your unit.

in order to make the generator set operate at the highest performance, we recommend that you carry out regular maintenance, and the user needs to make a maintenance plan after the maintenance of the equipment. You can consult your local dealer or refer to the user’s service manual. For any questions, please contact the service department.


Through our industry-leading planned maintenance plan, we provide customised service package, which can reduce the risk of downtime and loss of revenue. There are many choices in planning, including standardised package, customised package, and the available maintenance plan can be started monthly, quarterly, or annually.


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